Team Building Get to know your team and colleagues from a different angle. We at WINTERTHURescape have already welcomed many companies to team building and know how to improve team spirit and increase the enjoyment of their employees’ work.

Our escape games in the center of Winterthur can play 102 people at the same time: 12 people our two escape rooms and 90 people our escape missions. With us you can form 15 teams and play at the same time as well as against each other.

Would you like to play an escape game in your team building or another event, but you can not come to Winterthur to play with us? We have exactly the right solution for you! Our mobile game comes to you! It is original, funny, suitable for large groups and is simply prepared. Up to 200 people can play our mobile game at the same time. In teams of 5 each, players will seek clues, solve puzzles, and perform many fun tasks. The teams have to do their best to meet all challenges ahead of their competition to be chosen as the winner.

Get to know your team and your colleagues from a different angle. We from WINTERTHURescape have already been privileged to welcome many companies for team building events and know how to improve the team spirit and increase the joy of your employees for work.

Our escape games in the center of Winterthur can play up to 41 persons: 17 persons in our three escape rooms and 24 persons in our escape mission. With us, you can form up to 7 teams and compete against each other at the same time.


Would you like to play an escape game at your team building or at another event you are organizing at your location? We have the solution for you! Our Portable Game is original, fun, easy to set up and suitable even for large groups.

Up to 200 participants can play our Portable Game at the same time. In teams of 5, players will go around the venue to search for clues, solve puzzles, and fulfil a series of funny and tricky tasks. They will have to try their best in order to accomplish their mission and to beat the other teams.

We would also like to present our Escape Games specifications:

Teamwork is at the heart of our games. Within a given timeframe, communicating your own knowledge leads you and your colleagues to the goal more quickly.

Wide vision and a healthy dose of curiosity will help you find the solutions to the puzzles. Share the joy together when a code is cracked again.

If one does not progress, often thinking “Out of the Box” helps. A new angle of view and uninformed thinking structures bring out ideas that you did not even know you could have.

Logical thinking
Promote your gray cells and keep a cool head even under time pressure.

Do not forget to have fun. With humor and looseness, you can quickly get out of any dead end.

Read and understand
In addition, our “Escape Missions” and “Mobile Game” require a good reading understanding. How exactly do your employees understand the writing? And how do they share what they read with the other players?


Also following companies have already visited us for a team building event:

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