Get to know your team and colleagues from a different perspective. At WINTERTHURescape we’ve had the pleasure of facilitating team building events for many companies. We are confident that our Escape Games are going to improve your team spirit as well as increase your team’s work performance.

At WINTERTHURescape up to 41 people split into 7 teams can play against each other at the same time: 17 people can play in our Escape Rooms and 24 people can play our Escape Mission in the heart of Winterthur.

In case you’d like to play an Escape Game at your next team building or other event and you’d rather play at a location of your choice, we have the perfect solution for you: we’ll bring our award-winning portable game to you!

It’s an original and highly entertaining game that is easy to set up. Up to 200 people can play at the same time in teams of up to 5 players. During the game the teams will have to do their best to tackle all challenges ahead of their competitors in order to win the game. This includes finding clues, solving puzzles, and completing a range of fun tasks.

Team building at WINTERTHURescape is unique. To solve all the puzzles, you are definitely going to need the followings: good strategy and teamwork, good eye for detail, logic, and open communication.

Challenge your team by playing one of our many Escape Games in Winterthur city centre or at a location of your choice!

Please give us a call at 043 388 01 38 or contact us by filling out the form below to get a tailored offer.

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When you play our Escape Games, you:

Teamwork is at the heart of our Escape Games. Communicating effectively your own ideas to your colleagues under time pressure helps you and your team reach a common goal more quickly.

Having an open mind and a healthy dose of curiosity will help you find the right solution to each puzzle. Share the joy together when ever you crack a new code.

When you get stuck, thinking out of the box is key to moving forward. Being able to take a fresh point of view will help produce brand new ideas which will in turn benefit the whole team.

Think logically
Stimulate your grey cells and keep a cool head even under time pressure.

Have fun
Remember to have fun! With a good sense of humour and by being flexible, you can quickly get out of any dead end.

Last but not least, our “Escape Missions” and our “Portable Game” require good comprehension skills. Are your team members good at making sense of written text? And how accurately can they share what they had read with the other players?


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