Escape Games

Difficulty: 1-3 | Players per team: 2-6 | Indoor & Outdoor

Immerse yourself in the world of Escape Games and enjoy the time of your life!

Time is ticking and the challenge of your life is ahead of you…Are you clever enough to solve the puzzles and complete the quest?

WINTERTHURescape offers fun experiences for groups in three different Escape Games: Escape Room, Escape Mission and Portable Game.

Escape Rooms

You form a team of 2-7 players and get locked into a thematically designed Escape Room that hides secret objects, riddles and puzzles. As time is ticking, you need to follow the clues and solve every riddle using only your wit and logic. You have only 60 minutes to find the key to the door and escape from the room. Are you ready?

Escape Missions

Your team of 2-5 players receive a mission that you have to complete within 90 minutes. The Escape Missions differ from the Escape Rooms in that your team is not locked into a room, but you play in an off-site public space. Escape Missions can be played in any weather, because all game locations are roofed and some are heated / air-conditioned. Bottom of Form

Portable Games

Would you like to play an Escape Game at your team building or other event, but you’d rather play at a location of your choice? Then we have the perfect solution for you: we’ll bring our award-winning portable game to you!

It’s an original and highly entertaining game that is easy to set up. Up to 200 people can play at the same time in teams of up to 5 players. During the game the teams will have to do their best to tackle all challenges ahead of their competitors in order to win the game. This includes finding clues, solving puzzles, and completing a range of fun tasks.

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