Escape mission


You are a team of private investigators. You got an assignment: The Mia, a girl from a rich family, was kidnapped. The kidnappers want to get a ransom of 50 million francs within 90 minutes, otherwise Mia will be killed. Your father can not possibly raise that much money within this time! Your job is to find Mia within 90 minutes so that she can be saved!

Exciting escape mission for one till four teams at the same time.

Not heated

Duel possible

  • Price per team (2-5 persons) 119.90 CHF incl. VAT
  • Price for small duel (4-10 people) 239.80 CHF incl. VAT
  • Price for big duel (14-20 persons) 479.60 CHF incl. VAT
  • Price for three teams (11-15 people) 359.70 CHF incl. VAT

This mission can be played as a duel in two variants:
Small duel: two teams 5 against 5 people
Big duel: two teams 10 against 10 people

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