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Time is running … you are facing the challenge of your life … the time is running … are you smart enough? Can you activate your sixth sense? Can you solve the riddle? Will you successfully complete the search?

WINTERTHURescape provides an ultimate freeriding experience for groups in two different Escape Games: Escape Room and Escape Mission.

Escape Room

You form a team of 2 to 6 players with your friends and you are locked in a mysterious room and you have 60 minutes to find the way out.

Read more about our Escape Rooms here.

Escape Mission

You will form a team of 2 to 5 players with your friends and you will receive an order, which you have to fulfill within 90 minutes. Escape Missions do not take place directly at WINTERTHURescape: In contrast to the Escape Rooms, you are not included, but you go to a public, but covered room. You get a map and you have to find the way there and back. This is quite simple. It is much more difficult to solve the many tasks that await you there! Escape missions can be played in any weather, because all the sites are covered and some of them are heated / air-conditioned.

Read more about our Escape Missions here.

You need at least 70 minutes of your time for an Escape Room-game or at least 100 minutes for an Escape Mission-game, because we explain you the rules ten minutes before your Escape Game starts.

Mobile Game

You can create teams of 2 to 5 players with your friends or colleagues and get an order. This game does not take place directly at WINTERTHURescape: we bring the game to you! Up to 200 people can simultaneously play our mobile games. Players will be looking for hints, solving puzzles, and performing many fun tasks. The teams have to do their best to meet all challenges ahead of their competitors in order to be chosen as the winner.

Read more about our mobile game here.

Team building

Get to know your team and your colleagues from a different angle. We from WINTERTHURescape have already been privileged to welcome many companies for team building events and know how to improve the team spirit and increase the joy of your employees for work.

Our escape games in the center of Winterthur can play up to 41 persons: 17 persons in our three escape rooms and 24 persons in our escape mission. With us, you can form up to 7 teams and compete against each other at the same time.


Would you like to play an escape game at your team building or at another event you are organizing at your location? We have the solution for you! Our Portable Game is original, fun, easy to set up and suitable even for large groups.

Up to 200 participants can play our Portable Game at the same time. In teams of 5, players will go around the venue to search for clues, solve puzzles, and fulfil a series of funny and tricky tasks. They will have to try their best in order to accomplish their mission and to beat the other teams.


Team building at WINTERTHURescape is very special. To solve all the riddles you need strategies and strong teamwork. For a successful game much logic is needed, mutual communication and sharp observation.

Invite your employees for a challenge in the center of Winterthur or at location of your choice and be surprised by our riddles. Contact us for an individual and customized offer.

Furthermore, we would like to present you some specifications of our Escape Games:

  • Collaboration

Teamwork in our games is essential. In the time permitted, the sharing of one’s own knowledge, leads you and your colleagues faster to the goal.

  • Observation

Vision and a healthy dose of curiosity can help you to solve the riddles. Share the joy with each other when another code is cracked.

  • Combination

If one does not get any further, an “out of the box” thinking often helps. A new perspective and fresh thought patterns create ideas, that you previously did not even suspect that you could have.

  • Logical thinking

Use your brainpower and keep your head cool when you are pressed for time.

  • Fun

Do not forget to have fun. With humor and looseness you will come faster out of any impasse.

  • Interpretation

In addition, our „Escape Missions“ and „Portable Game“ require a good reading comprehension. How exactly do your employees understand what is written? And how do they share what they have read on to the other players in the group?

Why is WINTERTHURescape HANDMADE voucher an excellent gift idea?

  • You are giving 60 minutes of joy, thrill and active fun, all in one package.
  • The game is to be enjoyed in a team (which you can be part of).
  • You can give it to a single person or to your friends or family to spend some great time together.
  • Our original handmade voucher is a wonderful present for children and adults, both will be thrilled!
  • Of course, our handmade Vouchers are PERSONALIZED and you can even add a wish.
  • You can order it in a PUZZLE BOX, which is a gift in itself .
  • You can order it easily online and have it sent to you or directly to the person, you want to surprise.

What is cooler among friends than to have something adventurous together and achieve something? Bring the heads together, come here and win the battle against time. You will love the adrenaline that brings the game to WINTERTHURescape!

All rooms at WINTERTHURescape are ideal for a family-fusing experience: You will work together as a family and solve the many tasks as a team! We invite families with small children to the Family Adventure in the jungle, the world’s first “escape room” game specifically designed for children over 5 years.

Are you visiting Zurich, one of the most visited cities in Europe? Why not spice up your sightseeing in WINTERTHURescape? Our location is in the heart of Winterthur, in the midst of a lively gastro and shopping district and close to all the important places to visit. Have a look at our interactive map. We would like to give you some tips for your stay in Winterthur.

Team building at WINTERTHURescape is unique. To solve all puzzles, it takes strategies and teamwork. We guarantee that your work colleagues will have a fun-filled experience with a lot of fun. But do not think that it is easy: you will need a lot of logic and sense of combination! We would be pleased to advise your company or your company.

We have been privileged to welcome also the following companies: