Escape Rooms

You form a team of 2-7 players and get locked into a thematically designed Escape Room that hides secret objects, riddles and puzzles. As time is ticking, you need to follow the clues and solve every riddle using only your wit and logic. You have only 60 minutes to find the key to the door and escape from the room. Are you ready?


17 persons: Obergasse 19

Escape Missions

Your team of 2-5 players receive a mission that you have to complete within 90 minutes. The Escape Missions differ from the Escape Rooms in that your team is not locked into a room, but you play in an off-site public space. Escape Missions can be played in any weather, because all game locations are roofed and some are heated / air-conditioned.

48 persons: Obergasse 19

Mobile game


Möchtet ihr ein Escape Game bei eurer Teambildung oder einem anderen Event spielen? Bis 200 Personen gleichzeitig können unser Mobiles Spiel spielen. In Teams von je 5 Personen werden die Spieler Hinweise suchen, Rätsel lösen und viele lustige Aufgaben erfüllen. Die Teams müssen ihr Bestes geben um alle Herausforderungen vor ihrer Konkurrenz zu erfüllen um als Sieger auserkoren zu werden.

2-200 Personen: Ort der Wahl